Error log: Mikrovlnne preteky 2015 - OM stanice

Station: OM3TUC
Locator: JN88LE
Band: 10 GHz
Category: Single
Call-SRST-SNR-SLOC-S Call-RRST-RNR-RLOC-ROth.errChkFound byLost
OM3TUC 59S 014 JN88LE OK2R 59S 009 JN89BO (3x)
JN89DO (log)
NIL Y CALL no log -169
OM3TUC 55S 024 JN88LE OK1VAM 55S 047 JN79IX NIL
Y -258
Description of other errors:
NIL = Not in the log

Claimed score: 6112
Correct claimed score: 6110
Sum of lost points: -427
Corrected score: 5683
Errors: 7.0%

Processed by lx 1.57